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Austin Wall Cladding

Cladding is a covering added to exterior walls that is decorative and also protects the wall surface from weather and wear. There are a wide variety of options available to create any look you can imagine for your property. Kidd Roofing can add cladding to your walls to make them look stunning and keep them in good condition for years to come.

We have been serving homeowners and businesses in the Central Texas region since 1982, and we can provide you with exceptional results. Call us today at (512) 671-7791 to get an estimate for your wall cladding needs.

Benefits of Cladding a Home or Business

Exterior cladding holds many advantages, including waterproofing and weatherproofing the property, while allowing excess moisture to escape, as well as providing sound and thermal insulation. Cladding is often used in order to increase the strength of a structure, and to increase resistance to sunlight as well as to air pollution. Some types of cladding may protect the building against the risk of fire.

One of the most exciting reasons to utilize wall cladding is to improve the look of your property, increasing its market value, and creating an attractive and striking exterior that you can be proud of.

Why You Need Kidd Roofing to Protect Your Walls

When considering how to complete a wall cladding or any other exterior project, it’s important to hire a contractor with experience and a record of success. Kidd Roofing has performed high-quality exterior work for over three decades, and we’ve been doing wall cladding since 2004. You can admire our award-winning work on the copper panels on Austin City Hall as well as the multicolored panels on Austin’s Long Center.

We have the ability to fabricate our own composite panels on a custom basis, without waiting on shipments from suppliers, which speeds up the construction process.

Types of Materials Used in Wall Cladding

A large variety of materials are available as options for wall cladding. They can produce a look that ranges from classic and traditional to modern and iconoclastic. Some of the most popular wall cladding materials include:

  • Brick – Brick cladding is highly durable. It gives a building a classic look, and it’s available in many different shades and colors.
  • Composite – Often composed of recycled plastic and wood, composite cladding has the traditional look of wood but offers more durability.
  • Concrete – Concrete cladding panels provide structural durability and allow you to incorporate sculptured designs into a project.
  • Ceramic – Terracotta and ceramic tiles are popular wall coverings. They provide a smooth finish while protecting walls from the elements.
  • Glass – Often used on office buildings, glass has an extremely modern style and can even be molded into custom designs to fit your project.
  • Mesh – Metal mesh cladding is very versatile and can be a great way to add a modern aesthetic while providing protection from the sun or privacy screens.
  • Metal – Metal panels provide a modern industrial look to a project. A combination of metal and another material like wood can add a striking contrast.
  • Plastic – Plastic panels are lightweight and inexpensive, and offer versatility in style and color to compliment an exterior.
  • Stone – Both cost-effective and practical, stone cladding offers durability and a traditional style.
  • Vinyl – Waterproof, low cost, and low maintenance, vinyl is often a budget-friendly option, but has low sustainability and presents some fire risk.
  • Wood – Another classic choice, wood cladding provides the benefit of natural beauty while allowing builders to utilize more durable materials underneath. Wood can be a little pricier, however, and requires more maintenance than other options.

Our wall cladding experts can help guide you to the best choice for your own project. We’re happy to review a variety of options to determine what will best suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Cladding

Our wall cladding professionals can answer any questions you may have about your project, but here are answers to a few common questions that may be helpful.

How much maintenance does wall cladding require?

While any exterior product requires some form of maintenance or cleaning, one of the advantages of wall cladding is that it often requires relatively little upkeep. Some materials, such as vinyl, may not need more than the occasional power-wash, while others, like wood, will require more attention and care. If replacement does become necessary, cladding is relatively easy to cut and install.

What types of metal are available for cladding?

Like many of the other material types, there is a wide variety of metals you can use for cladding. Stainless steel has a long life but can be pricey. Aluminum composite is cheaper, but is also softer and prone to dents and scratches. Copper panels are lightweight and durable, but can adopt a greenish hue over time.

Which cladding option is the most sustainable?

Sustainability, or the ability to use the cladding material in an ecologically friendly way, depends on the type of material, how long it will last, and whether it is recyclable. Steel and aluminum are both highly recyclable, and steel is often made up of 40 percent recycled content. Timber is relatively sustainable, depending on the type of wood used. Stone is somewhat sustainable when sourced locally.

Is financing available for my project?

We offer easy and affordable financing through Payzer. They have a financing calculator at this link, which you can also use to apply for financing. Approval is usually processed quickly, and then we can schedule your project.

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If you are considering adding wall cladding to your home, business, or other architectural project, Kidd Roofing is the best choice for the job. We have been providing top-quality exterior building solutions at reasonable prices to clients in Central Texas for over 30 years. You need an experienced team that understands the weather requirements for buildings in this region. We’re absolutely committed to quality and will ensure your project is done right.

Our expert craftsmanship can be seen on the exteriors of Austin City Hall as well as The Long Center in Austin, Texas. Call us at (512) 671-7791 or fill out our service request form today to find out how we can help make your project shine.