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Modified Bitumen Roofing In Austin

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A roof protects you from environmental factors and adds an element of design to your home or business. It should look beautiful and be in excellent condition but also should stand up to rain, wind, and rodents. Modified bitumen is the right choice for you if you’re looking for a roofing system that’s fire-resistant, waterproof, and rated for high-speed winds. Its strength and durability mean it can last a long time, so you’re not forced to pay for costly repairs or a total replacement of the system too soon after installation.

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What Is a Modified Bitumen Roof System?

Modified bitumen (MB) is an asphalt-based system used on buildings and structures with a low-slope or flat roof. The design is meant to withstand extreme weather conditions, environmental hazards, and other outside elements.

Five layers make up this roofing system:

  • Insulation – Stabilizes the temperate of the roof with thermal resistance
  • Modified base sheets or plies
  • Modified bitumen membranes – Copolymer sheet membranes reinforced with fiberglass or polyester
  • Adhesive – A waterproof material applied using a bonding agent
  • Surfacing – Weather resistance and UV protection

At Kidd Roofing, our team can discuss your needs and determine if an MB roofing system is right for you.

Advantages to Choosing a Modified Bitumen Roofing System

If you’re considering installing an MB roof, that decision comes with many advantages, such as:

  • Resistance to leaking water
  • MB reflects heat and UV rays, reducing energy costs
  • Each roofing sheet connects seamlessly during installation
  • Reinforcement layers are resistant to tearing and can stand up to foot traffic
  • Easy installation and repairs
  • MB withstands various types of weather from all four seasons
  • MB can reduce your carbon footprint with recyclable material options
  • You can choose from different colors to match the color of your shingles or complement the look of your property
  • The system is durable and can last up to 20 years with adequate but minimal maintenance

Kidd Roofing can answer all your questions and evaluate your home or business to determine if it makes sense for you to install an MB roof. We can guide you through the entire process so you know what to expect, and we will work efficiently to meet your desired deadline.

Maintenance and Repairs for a Modified Bitumen Roof

Although this roofing system is more durable than others, damage could still occur. Additionally, routine maintenance is necessary to increase the life of your MB roof.

Kidd Roofing has experience maintaining commercial and residential systems and providing the repairs needed to keep them in pristine condition. Following are some issues that may arise with your roof over time.

  • Missing granules – Granules could go missing and expose the membrane to harmful UV rays from the sun. Applying a coating over the damage can reflect the heat and protect the rest of the membrane.
  • Exposed intermat – The fiberglass intermat can become exposed if the asphalt starts to wear off the granules. Materials to seal the membrane can prevent seepage.
  • Slipping and delaminating – Improperly fastening the sheets can result in sliding and delaminating down the side of the roof. The membrane could buckle, and separation could form at the overlap. Repairs could prevent further damage and possible seepage.
  • Tear damage – Roofs contract and expand every day, causing them to bind against themselves and break down. The sun’s UV rays, foot traffic, or a tree branch can lead to this type of damage, requiring immediate repair to seal the tears.
  • Overgrown trees – Sometimes, bushes and trees will grow over the roofline. When that happens, damage and seepage can result. The best solution is to trim the growth so it no longer touches the roof.
  • Debris – A buildup of debris can cause rainwater to collect on the roof, leading to structural damage, mold, cracks, and other problems. Removing debris, such as leaves, regularly could prevent this from happening.
  • Duct separation – Over time, the duct and roof can separate from the point where they meet. This can place stress on the sealants, causing them to dry out. Resealing the roof and duct is crucial to prevent cracks and other damage that can expose the roof to wind, rain, and other hazards.

Keeping up with maintenance is critical with any type of roof you have. It’s especially important with a modified bitumen system. Kidd Roofing can take on the responsibility of this exhausting job. We’ll come up with the right schedule to maintain your roof so you can reap all the benefits without any of the hard work.

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