Tile Roofing

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Kidd Roofing has completed several large tile roof jobs for the University of Texas including the San Jacinto and Almetris Duren Residences Halls, U.T.’s Blanton Museum, and U.T.’s Garrison Hall.

Roof Tile Characteristics

Tile roofThere are two types of roof tiles, concrete or clay. Clay roof tile has been used for centuries worldwide and for good reason. Both clay roof tile and its modern partner, concrete, are not only beautiful, but also extremely durable. With proper building design and installation, tile roofs can last 50 to 100 years or more. They do not rot in wet climates and are not susceptible to destruction by pests. They can be used in any climate or region and can withstand the severest weather conditions, including fire, wind, and snow. For these reasons, most roof tile manufacturers offer warranties of at least 50 years. The tile also comes in many different sizes, styles, and colors. If you would like a new concrete or clay tile roof installed on your home or business, contact the roofing experts at Kidd Roof today!