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Commercial Project 11

While Kidd Roofing does all types of commercial and residential roofing construction, it also enjoys special recognition for its metal work.  This includes roofing, of course, but it also encompasses metal cladding – both external and internal – with all kinds of metals including copper, zinc, aluminum, lead coated copper, tern, steel, insulated and composite metal sheathing.

Because we were constantly being asked to install aluminum composite panels, we made a decision in 2004 to start a new division of Kidd Roofing called Architectural Panel Forming Co. (APF). This allowed us to begin fabricating our own composite panels. Controlling the fabrication has been very beneficial to our customers, especially when buildings are not perfectly square.  We can measure and custom build the panels locally without waiting on shipments from suppliers. This has helped to minimize delays in construction. We also fabricate and install soffit, fascia, metal flashings and many other special metal items to complement the roofing projects we are working on.

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Custom Copper Panels for Austin City Hall

Commercial Project 9One of the largest and most recognized projects that we have completed is the renowned Austin City Hall Public Plaza in Austin, Texas.  This job included a copper standing seam metal roof and copper flush panels fabricated and installed around the entire perimeter of the building. Copper wall panels were also installed on many of the walls and ceilings inside Austin City Hall.  This award winning architectural masterpiece represents the high level of craftsmanship come to be expected from Kidd Roofing’s master metal craftsmen and management personnel.  The Austin City Hall project was contracted from Hensel Phelps Construction Co. and was completed in 2004.  The attention to detail, especially on the inside of the building, is evidence of Kidd Roofing’s ability to take on and manage a complex and high profile project.  The sharp angled copper flush panels fabricated and installed by Kidd Roofing inside the Austin City Hall are works of art in and of themselves.


Exterior Wall Panels for The Long Center

Commercial Project 3Another prestigious project completed in 2008 was for the Long Center for the Performing Arts in Austin. Contracted from Austin Commercial. This project entailed Kidd Roofing fabricating and installing the exterior and interior wall shingles and flush panels made from the recycled roofing panels from the multicolored dome roof of the historic Palmer Auditorium.  We then blended the multiple various colors in an effort to rematch the original color pattern of the Palmer Auditorium. This beautifully designed world-class facility is another example of the unique workmanship that Kidd Roofing is known for. Contact us to learn more about Kidd’s wall cladding services available in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and the surrounding areas!