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Single-Ply Commercial Roofing in Austin, Houston, Dallas & San Antonio

Kidd Roofing has installed various types of single-ply roofing systems (SPS) in Texas. Most recently, Kidd Roofing installed the PVC roof at the new U.T. Dell Pediatrics building, the TPO roofs at AMD Lonestar and U.T. Disch-Falk Field, and the EPDM roofs at U.T. DKR Memorial Stadium — some of our many Austin roofing projects.

Single-Ply Roof Characteristics

single-ply roofingSingle-ply roofing systems (SPS) have grown in popularity over the past 30 years. Due to their ability to provide strength, flexibility, and long-lasting durability, it’s no wonder that architects, roofing contractors and building owners love this product. SPS membranes are strong, flexible sheets composed predominately of synthetic polymer manufactured to strict quality control requirements. Advantages of pre-fabricated sheets include the consistency of the quality of the membrane and accessories, and versatility in their attachment methods that may be used on a variety of building applications.

SPS provides maximum freedom of choice in roof design, performance and appearance to suit new construction and refurbishment. In addition to providing a durable and watertight membrane roofing system, many SPS sheets are furnished from the factory with a highly-reflective “cool roof” surface that becomes part of an energy efficient building envelope system. Light-colored, reflective roof surfaces could offer building occupants a significant reduction in energy use, points toward a U.S. Green Building Council LEED™ building certification, as well as the potential to downsize HVAC equipment. If your business in Austin, Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio needs a new single ply roof installed, call the experts at Kidd Roofing today!