Multi-Family Roofing Maintenance

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Austin Multi-Family Complex Roof Maintenance

When you own or manage a multi-family complex, such as an apartment building, townhouse, mixed-used building, condo, or duplex, you know how important it is to have a top-quality roof on your property. A good roof not only affects the appearance and value of your building, but it also helps protect the property, helps you cut down on heating and cooling costs, and can help prevent other serious issues like mold.

Whether the roof on your multi-family property needs routine maintenance or repairs, or if you’re considering building a new complex, Kidd Roofing is here to help. We are fully insured, plus we pride ourselves in using knowledgeable crews that have been with us for years – we never use temporary or unexperienced labor. Additionally, we are a GAF certified Master Elite contractor – a status held by less than three percent of roofing contractors.

To get help with the roof of your multi-family complex, contact the roofing professionals you can trust. Call Kidd Roofing today at (512) 671-7791 or reach us online.

What Can I Do to Maintain the Roof at My Multi-Family Complex in Austin?

There are some routine steps you can take to help maintain the condition of the roof at your multi-family complex and help prolong its life:

Regular inspection. When you regularly examine the roof and interior ceilings, it can help you catch relatively small problems before they become larger issues. Any roof can suffer damage from regular wear and tear, but special conditions in Austin also expose multi-family complex roofs to additional hazards.

Roofs across Austin are vulnerable to insects and animals like birds and squirrels that can cause leaks and inflict other significant damage to multi-family structures. Austin is also notorious weather-related issues that can tear apart roofs – even if they’re brand new

Beyond the constant sun exposure that Austin roofs must endure, the area also regularly sees violent storms with hail, heavy rains, and high winds. These destructive weather conditions can knock holes in a roof or send trees and tree branches into buildings, tearing off roof components and leading to significant leaks.

When you’re inspecting your building, it’s important to look at ceilings on upper floors of the building to detect possible roof leaks, and ask your tenants to notify you immediately if they see any signs of water damage. Additionally, examine the roof for shingles that are missing, loose, or have damage, such as cracks, curling, mold, or worn spots.

Also look for other loose or missing pieces, such as flashing, bolts, and nails. It’s also critical to look at areas around vent openings, skylights, downspouts, and chimneys. Signs of damage in these areas might include things like cracked bricks, peeling paint, or missing mortar or caulk.

  • Debris removal. Debris often gathers in many areas of multi-family building roofs and can cause significant damage if it isn’t properly cleared. For example, leaves, branches, and other debris can gather on top of the roof, as well as in downspouts. In addition, mold and moss might gather on shingles.
  • Timely repairs. If you discover any damage when you inspect the roof to your building, it’s critical to quickly repair broken or missing roof components. This helps you reduce the risk of minor roof damage turning into more complicated and costly problems. Repairs should include replacing missing or damaged shingles, flashing, hardware, or other pieces of the roof.

Multi-Family Roofing Maintenance Services Kidd Roofing Offers in Austin

Working on the roof of a multi-family complex can be dangerous if you try to do it yourself or don’t use the proper safety equipment because these roofs are typically quite high. If you don’t have experience or don’t feel comfortable on roofs, a professional roofer can help with each of these tasks and can help make sure your roof is in the best possible shape.

At Kidd Roofing, our skilled roofing professionals have been serving Austin and locations throughout Texas since 1982. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and RSI Magazine has ranked us as one of the Top 100 Contractors in the country.

We have the experience and training to handle your regular roof maintenance for you. Our team can also repair any damage to shingles or other roof components that we find during an inspection. In addition, we are available for emergency roofing services, including repair of hail damage and leaks.

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Kidd Roofing offers a variety of solutions for all your roofing needs, and we work with all types of roofs, including metal, shingles, single ply, title, modified, and many more. Call the award-winning professionals at Kidd Roofing today for all your roofing needs. To schedule an appointment, contact us at (512) 671-7791 or online.