Austin Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Austin Commercial Roof Maintenance

If you own commercial property, you probably hardly ever consider the need to maintain your property’s roof. You may have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a high-quality roof; however, no matter the quality of your property’s roof, if you want it to last, you will need to maintain it.

Failing to maintain your property’s roof can lead to damage and leaks and can jeopardize your warranties and insurance coverages. If you need a company to help you maintain your commercial property’s roof against the hot Texas sun in Austin, you should turn to the experienced Austin commercial roofing experts at Kidd Roofing. Ask us any questions you have about commercial roof maintenance by calling (512) 671-7791.

Why Do I Need a Roof Maintenance Company? 

You may not realize the risks of damage and other issues that your commercial property’s roof may incur without proper maintenance. You may need a roof maintenance company to help you with issues such as:

  • Exposure to the elements, in particular long-term exposure to harsh sunlight, along with exposure to water, air pollution, and other damaging chemicals
  • Structural issues, including settling of your building, or expansion and contraction of the building’s structure, which can place stress on and damage the roofing system
  • Biological growth, including mold, algae, and vegetation
  • Changes in building use, which can result in increases or decreases in the building’s interior humidity that causes condensation problems and other issues not accounted for when your building’s roof was initially installed
  • Damage, including damage from wind or hailstorms or from tornadoes

Deferring or ignoring maintenance of your roof can allow other causes of damage, such as water or mold/algae, to get into your building and cause further destruction that may require more expensive repairs or, if extensive enough, may even require demolition of your property.

Why Choose Kidd Roofing for My Roof Maintenance

When you decide that you need to perform maintenance on your commercial property’s roof, you have many roofing companies in the Austin area to choose from. The top-rated roofing professionals at Kidd Roofing can provide all your commercial property’s roof maintenance needs. Our company can perform vital work for your roof, including:

  • Yearly inspections of your roof to identify damage from exposure, structural movement of the building, mold/algae/vegetal damage, moisture damage from inside the building, or weather- and debris-related damage
  • Prompt notification of all roof maintenance needs
  • Availability to make all maintenance-repairs as they are needed by your commercial property
  • Providing documentation so that you have proof that your roof has been properly maintained

When your roof needs maintenance, you shouldn’t just trust your commercial property to any roofing company. At Kidd Roofing, we have joined a certification program developed by GAF, one of North America’s largest roofing manufacturers, and have been designated as certified roofing maintenance professionals. We are also proud to have received GAF’s prestigious President’s Club Award for 2019.

FAQs About Commercial Roof Maintenance

Our roofing professionals are happy to answer any questions you have about your commercial roof, but here are answers to some common questions that may be helpful.

What are some signs that my commercial property’s roof may require maintenance?

When you choose Kidd Roofing for your roof maintenance needs, our experienced roofing experts come with a maintenance checklist to look out for signs of potential or ongoing damage that needs to be remedied, including leaks and staining on exterior walls and interior ceilings and walls, cracks or separation in flashing, cracks in the facia and roof edges, damage in expansion joints, broken drainage systems, ponding water or other fluids, and contamination.

Why should I choose a licensed contractor like Kidd Roofing to perform roof maintenance for my property?

When you hire a licensed contractor to perform roof maintenance for your property, you can expect that the work will be performed according to standards and building codes set forth by the state and local governments. Conversely, you have no guarantee that an unlicensed contractor will know these standards and codes. In fact, there’s a good chance that an unlicensed contractor will do poor work or commit outright fraud by taking your money and disappearing without performing any work. 

How often should I have my roof inspected for maintenance issues?

As a matter of course, you should schedule annual inspections of your property’s roof. You should also consider having us perform an inspection after severe weather such as windstorms, hailstorms, or tornados, after an unusually hot summer, or after extreme swings in temperature (which can lead to rapid expansion/contractor of your roofing system and cause cracks).

The Austin Roofers of Kidd Roofing Can Help You with Your Roof Maintenance Needs

When you need an experienced roofing company to help you with maintaining your commercial property’s roofing system, contact the Austin commercial roofing maintenance experts at Kidd Roofing to schedule a consultation. Call us at (512) 671-7791 or fill out the service or inspection request forms on our website.