Austin Hail Damage Repair for Residential Roofs

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Austin Hail Damage Repair for Residential Roofs

The Austin area sees its fair share of hailstorms, and they can cause significant damage to a home’s roof. Hailstones of any size have the potential to harm a roof, but stones one-inch or larger have the most severe impact. When hailstones strike a roof, the impact erodes its surface. This lets in water and penetrating UV rays, which can lead to noticeable leaks inside the house, as well as mold and structural damage that may not be visible.

Although hail’s destruction is often obvious, there may be hidden issues that develop over time and eventually cause problems. The next round of inclement weather can uncover the previous damage and create more complex conditions to tackle.

Since the harm to your home’s roof may not be immediately evident, it’s wise to have a professional inspection done promptly by Kidd Roofing following any hailstorm. One of our hail damage specialists will thoroughly examine your entire roof and roof components. We will identify all the impaired areas and provide an expert recommendation for taking corrective action and preventing further deterioration.

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How Hail Harms Residential Roofs

Because hail is driven by the wind, a range of damage can be found throughout a roof. Hail affects all types of roofing material uniquely because each absorbs and responds to the impact differently. A roof’s age and condition will also factor into how severely hail affects it.

The issues that Kidd Roofing inspectors look for with each roof type include:

Asphalt roofs – Shingles can become loose, broken, or lost during a hailstorm. Dented or crushed sections of the shingle allow the top layer granules to fall off to expose the asphalt layer and cause leaking.

Tile roofs – Slate, clay, and concrete withstand hail well, but sometimes severe hail can form jagged holes or cracks in the panels. Tiles can also break away from their fasteners and slip off.

Wood roofs – The impact of hail on wood shingles leads to dents and cracking. Rain will penetrate these cracks, and the fractures can result in sections of the shingles breaking away.

Other roof features – Hail will also cause harm to soft metal roof elements. Flashings, skylights, and vent hoods can become dented, bent, or broken.

Why You Need a Professional to Handle Your Residential Roof Hail Damage

Assessing hail damage can be challenging for a typical homeowner. When you hire the professionals at Kidd Roofing, you’ll have well-trained eyes and skilled hands to address whatever your roof requires to continue protecting your Austin home.

Hiring the professionals at Kidd Roofing to manage your roof hail damage offers the following benefits:

  • Safety – Climbing a ladder and walking on a roof are dangerous actions. Someone without the proper gear or adequate experience is at risk for injury from slipping or falling. Kidd Roofing roofing specialists are prepared and equipped to safely inspect and repair your roof while sparing you the hassle and hazards.
  • Detection of all issues – It can be difficult to identify underlying complications caused by hail storms. Specifically trained roofers can pinpoint evidence of every type of roof damage and potential problems.
  • Time and money savings – Roofing specialists with the right skills and tools will take care of your roof’s hail damage swiftly, so you can devote your time to other priorities. With their ability to spot and address the small issues now, you will avoid more costly repairs in the future and extend your roof’s lifespan.
  • Reliability – When you hire Kidd Roofing, you can be confident you’ve engaged an insured company that provides high-quality workmanship for your Austin residential roof. We also use top-notch materials from trusted brands that offer dependability and resilience.
  • Documentation for an insurance claim – A professional hail damage inspection provides the comprehensive summary you’ll need to make a claim with your insurance company. This includes photos to prove the damage and an estimate of the cost to restore the roof to its pre-storm condition.

Trust Kidd Roofing for Austin Residential Roof Hail Damage

If your residential roof has endured a recent hailstorm, it may have suffered some type of damage. It is important to have it evaluated and repaired right away to avoid future problems.

Kidd Roofing is ready to assist you with our expert hail damage inspection and repair services. Since 1982, we have dedicated ourselves to getting every job done to each customer’s satisfaction. Don’t wait to get started on caring for your roof. Contact us online or by calling (512) 671-7791 to schedule a professional inspection from the roof specialists you can trust.