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Austin Commercial Roof Installation Professionals

Kidd Roofing is skilled at commercial roof repair, inspection, and maintenance. We are also skilled at constructing new commercial roofs. We have extensive experience in replacing roofs on existing property and designing and installing commercial roofs on a new property.

Building a new commercial roof or replacing one is not a simple property improvement project. New roof construction is among the most dangerous type of construction projects to take on. Roofs are also the building structure that takes the most abuse from the elements. There are different types of commercial roof designs all of which feature unique advantages and disadvantages.

Three main types of commercial roof design

The three main types of commercial roof designs include:

Flat roofs

This roof design is common for many types of commercial property, especially large commercial property like warehouses and large business centers like grocery stores and strip malls. The advantage of constructing a flat roof is its simplicity. Flat roofs use the least amount of square feet compared to other roofs types. This means saving money on material. Their simple design also means they can be installed quickly, reducing overall labor time.

However, there are some challenges to flat roof construction and maintenance. A flat surface means there’s no natural water drainage. Special attention needs to be given to water drainage. They should also be reinforced with protective membranes such as EPDM. Constructing a new flat roof without the correct features leads to water leaks and warping of the roof shape. To avoid these headaches, have your roof installed by professionals with experience in commercial flat roof construction.

Low slope roofs

You can think of this type of roof as a hybrid between pitched roofs and flat roofs. A low slope roof is mostly flat but will have a slight incline. Like flat roofs, they are constructed using less material than pitched roofs. Unlike flat roofs, they do offer some natural water drainage, though they will still face some of the water drainage challenges of flat roofs.

Low slope roofs are constructed with the same types of materials that flat roofs are constructed with. This fact means that you will be limited in design options when compared to pitched roofs.  Overall, low slope roofs are a great way to get the advantages of a flat roof system, while at the same time being able to have a less industrial look.

Pitched roofs

This is the type of roof system with steep inclines and multiple angles and shapes. You’ll more likely find pitched roofs on residential property. However, pitched roofs have their place in commercial roofing. Pitched roofs are least likely to retain water. Their shape lets gravity do a lot of the work in running off water. Pitched roofs offer the most design choices, allowing you to use different types of shingles and roofs tile to add style to your commercial property.

Of course, the great looks of pitched roofs come with a cost. They take up the most amount of square feet of material out of all the roof types. They take more time to construct, and their complex shapes present architectural challenges. To find out if constructing a new commercial pitched roof will work for you, consult with commercial roofing professionals who will evaluate your property and determine the best strategy.

New roof construction standards – meeting building codes and safety standards

 When constructing a new commercial roof, keep in mind you must meet building code standards. Failure to do so means facing fines, or even the closure of your business. To obtain the necessary property insurance, an inspection is done on your property, and that includes the roof. Roofing guidelines are laid out in the Texas Administrative Code maintained by the Texas Department of Insurance. This is why you need to choose a certified roofing company with a proven track record of successful commercial roofing projects.

Signs you need a new commercial roof

Sometimes a repair is not enough, and it’s more cost-effective to replace the roof. Here are a few signs it may be time for a new commercial roof:

  • Sings of mold
  • Warped structures
  • Reoccurring water leaks
  • Materials separating or falling from the roof
  • Roofs older than 25 years
  • Properties that were hit with major storms, tornados, hurricanes, or flooding

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