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Top 5 Roofing Trends to Watch from a Dallas Roofing Company

Posted on Thursday, August 10th, 2023 at 9:33 am    

Certain roofing materials are trending, and as a Dallas roofing company, it’s crucial to know current market trends. It gives better insight into which materials are most popular, perform best, and why. Whether you’re a home or commercial property owner, here’s a deeper look into current roofing trends.


Top 5 Roofing Market Trends from a Dallas Roofing Company 

Home and property owners are currently investing in materials with longevity, sustainability, and extreme weather protection. Below we’ll break down five trends to watch with tips on the best roof material applications from our Dallas roofing company office.

1. Solar Shingle Roofs for Energy-Efficiency 

One of the biggest roofing trends in the market is solar single roofing because of its sustainability. Home and property owners now value energy efficiency to lower utility costs and practice more eco-friendly living — and solar shingles save up to 24% in energy costs.

Financial savings are one of the best advantages of solar single roofing. These materials generate their own electricity instead of power grid use, lowering utility bills for residential and commercial property owners. 

Solar single roofs can also last up to 25 years, and some material manufacturers offer extended warranties. It’s no wonder why many home and business owners are now opting for sustainable solar shingle systems with a Dallas roofing company.

2. Metal Roofing for Longevity and Sustainability

Another popular roofing market trend to watch is metal roofs. Metal roofs are the most sturdy option for areas with extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes or hail, because they can withstand strong wind gusts. 

Some benefits of metal roofing are:

  • Longer lasting compared to other roofing materials – average 40-70 years 
  • Energy efficient because it absorbs heat and cools structures in warmer months
  • Durable and sturdy, less likely for water intrusion or storm damage 
  • Sustainably sourced –  manufactured with recycled materials and is 100% recyclable 

If you live in Texas, investing in a metal roof may be warranted due to its strong weather conditions. Our Dallas roofing company office knows how different areas of Texas have hurricanes, hail, and strong storms, causing severe roof damage. Tornadoes are known to occur in areas of northern Dallas too. It’s one of the main reasons Texas home and commercial property owners choose metal roofings for optimal strength, lifespan, and storm protection.

3. Clay Roof Tiles for Aesthetics and Durability

There are two types of tile roofing – clay and concrete tiles. Although clay roofs are trending, these materials have been used historically for centuries. 

Roof tiling comes in various sizes, styles, and colors to match any home design or business brand. Additionally, they don’t rot in wet climates and are resistant to pest destruction. Due to its aesthetics and durability, clay roof tiles are still a popular roofing market trend. 

4. Concrete Roof Tiles for Strength and Protection

As mentioned above, concrete roof tiles are a type of tile roofing — and a current roofing market trend. Home and property owners are investing in concrete roofs because of their longevity and structure protection. 

Concrete roofs last between 50-100 years or more. Additionally, they can withstand severe weather conditions, including fire, wind, and snow. Most concrete tile manufacturers also offer warranties for at least 50 years. Concrete roofs are popular among regions with extreme weather due to their strength and longevity.

5. EPDM Roofing for Large Commercial Buildings  

The last current roofing trend is EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer) roofing for large commercial buildings. It’s a type of single-ply roofing manufactured into large-scale rolls and typically applied for commercial roofing


There are three types of single-ply roofing:

  • PVC Roofing– Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a thermoplastic polymer 
  • TPO Roofing– Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), a blend of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber 
  • EPDM Roofing– Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), a synthetic rubber 


EPDM roofing is trending for commercial buildings because of its rapid curing process. These membranes often arrive 100% cured before application, streamlining the roofing installation processes. Due to its weather-resistant properties, it’s practical for extreme weather conditions, such as hail or ice, 

Build or Repair Your Roof with a Qualified Dallas Roofing Company

There you have it. The top five roofing trends to watch from our Dallas roofing company experts. Whether you’re repairing, replacing, or building a new roof, understanding what’s currently trending can provide you better insight into which roofing materials are most popular and why before buying. 

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