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Residential Roofing Contractors or DIY? Why Homeowners Should Always Hire Professionals

Posted on Monday, August 14th, 2023 at 3:05 pm    

Residential roofing contractors or DIY, which one should you choose? The answer should always be professional roofers. Although DIY home projects are practical ways to save money and be resourceful, roofing shouldn’t be one of them. From safety hazards to warranty voids, here’s why homeowners should always invest in a roofing company over DIY.

5 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Always Invest in Residential Roofing Contractors Over DIY 

It’s common for homeowners to consider DIY roof repairs. Severe roof damage can cause significant roof repair costs, and the idea of that can be daunting to address. However, residential roofing contractors can offer the best material selection, material type maintenance, and preventative care to strengthen your roof’s structure and minimize repair costs.

Here are five reasons professional home roofers are always worth the investment instead of DIY.  

1. Expert Roofing Material Selection Based on Your Home’s Unique Needs

There are many roofing material types, and knowing which is best for your home isn’t always straightforward. For example, historic homes require special roof renovation due to their typical unique design elements. From shingles and metal to tile, a different type of roofing material may also be a better option than what’s in your original home’s structure – and only expert roofers can determine the best option for your specific home. 

2. Residential Roofing Contractors Best Decide When to Repair vs. Replace

The biggest differentiator when it’s best to repair or replace a roof is its age. Since there are many material types, they all have varying roof lifespans. Although the average roof lifespan is over 20 years, other factors also impact its longevity. For example, hail damage or severe storms can weaken your roof’s structure and reduce its lifespan.

Homeowners also might not be able to source the roof issue correctly and accidentally make the wrong repair. Roof leaks are caused by many reasons, including poor attic ventilation, weak seams, and human error. Before investing in roof repair, ask them what’s the most cost-effective, safe, and practical option for your unique home. 

3. Roofers Have Access to Industry-Grade Tools for Better Results

Residential roofing contractors are always a better investment than DIY roofing because they have access to industry-grade tools for optimal performance. When addressing roof repairs, like mold, professional roofers have stronger fungicide concentrations with higher-quality results than consumer-grade brands.

In addition to their expertise, the tools that roofing companies utilize are also a better investment to repair and protect your home’s roof.  

4. DIY Roofing Isn’t Covered Under Warranty if You Cause Damage

Another key factor to consider with DIY roofing is your warranty coverage. If you accidentally damage your roof, this can void your roof’s warranty and cause significant out-of-pocket repair costs. Residential roofing contractors are not only covered under warranty but some providers may also over extended warranties than the original manufacturer’s date. 

5. Homeowners Risk Safety, High Repair Costs, and Structural Integrity with DIY Roofing

Safety hazards are one of the top reasons homeowners should hire residential roofing contractors over DIY. According to a 2022 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, full-time roofers had the 3rd highest fatal work injury rates per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers from 2020 to 2021. The CDC also states that more than 10,350 people are seriously injured from roof falls each year in the U.S.

Residential roofing contractors have the following safety gear to prevent injuries and falls:

  • Ladder levels for stability and support on uneven surfaces
  • Industry-grade slip-resistant footwear for walking on roofs
  • Fall arrest systems to help prevent and minimize free fall distances – harness restraints, safety nets, guardrails, etc.

Additionally, if you make DIY mistakes, it could cost you more to repair them than the initial roof issue. For example, weak roof flashing sealant adhesives or improper gutter placement can impact the integrity of its structure. Weaker adhesives for roof flashing could fall, and wrong gutter installation can improperly drain – causing water pooling mold, deterioration, and cave-ins.

Whether it’s preventative maintenance or small hole patches, you should always contact professional roofers to avoid serious safety risks. 

Hire Roofing Experts for Your Home’s Repairs, Replacement, and Maintenance

A roof is a significant investment and should be cared for by roofing professionals. From safety risks to voided warranty coverage, hiring a residential roofing contractor is the best investment for your home.

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