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Identifying When You Need Hail Damage Roofing Contractors

Posted on Monday, May 15th, 2023 at 8:00 am    

Hail can bring about anywhere from minor cosmetic issues to disastrous effects on our homes. This is especially true of your roof. Following a hailstorm, your roof could experience a host of costly complications, including insulation problems and leaks. To prevent further problems from arising, prompt attention is a must. Being proactive and well-informed is key.

So, whether you have experienced a recent hailstorm or are preparing for the future, it is crucial to know what steps to take when faced with roof damage. This way, you have greater peace of mind in the long run. Keep reading to learn when you need to take action with the help of hail damage roofing contractors.

How to Tell that Your Roof Has Hail Damage

For the sake of safety, you shouldn’t climb on your roof after a hailstorm on your own to check out the damage. But your insurance company and hail damage roofing contractor might note these issues:

Hail Damage Repair in Oconomowoc, WI

Shingles are Dented or Cracked

Vulnerabilities in your shingles can compromise the functionality of your roof. Dents and cracks due to hail create entry points for water to seep in. Damaged shingles are also more susceptible to wear and tear, so they are likely to degrade faster when exposed to the elements. You will need to replace them sooner than expected, or else you could need to invest in very costly repairs.

Your Roof is Leaking or Has Water Damage

If the damage to your roof is seemingly minor, it may take some time for water damage to set in after a hailstorm. Still, even the smallest leak can lead to a big problem if not addressed early on. Hail damage roofing contractors can give you appropriate recommendations for repairs or replacements, depending on the extent of the damage. Keep in mind that roof leaks can also be caused by clogged gutters and damaged flashing.

Bruising or Soft Spots on Shingles

Shingles are designed to provide a protective barrier for your roof. But when they are soft, their outer layer is compromised. This means that shingles could be damaged by UV rays, wind, debris, and water. They offer weakened structural support, especially when severe weather events happen again. Bruised shingles also allow air to escape or enter, resulting in you getting higher utility bills.

Your Roof Has Damaged Metal Components

One type of metal component on your roof is flashing. Flashing is a flat, thin piece of metal that helps weatherproof your roofing system. A hail damage roofing contractor will be able to take care of any damage done to your flashing. After inspecting the flashing for signs of corrosion, bending, rust, or other issues that make it less effective, your roofer will secure new flashing using fasteners and a suitable sealant.

Shingles Experience Granule Loss

Hail impact can dislodge granules. Granules are a protective layer on shingles. The loss of granules leads to premature aging of the shingles, weakening their ability to withstand the effects of hail in the future. Shingles that have bare spots will, therefore, become damaged or displaced more easily.

Filing a Claim for Hail Damage on Your Roof

Steps for filing a claim vary based on your insurance company, policy, and location. That said, in general, if you wish to file a claim, you must:

Review Your Policy

Most homeowners have insurance policies that cover roof replacement if the damage is due to nature. If your roof has simply experienced neglect, it is likely that your policy won’t cover its replacement. So, following a hailstorm, take some time to read up on your roof coverage.Hailstorm Damage to Multi-Family Dwelling Roofs

Keep Documentation of the Damage

In support of your insurance claim, you should provide visual proof of the extent of the damage. Your insurance company will want to see photos and videos so that they can accurately and efficiently process your claim. This documentation can even be helpful for future reference.

Communicate with Your Insurance Provider

Your insurance company will help you through the claims process. This includes giving you any necessary forms and, of course, asking for your documentation. By communicating with them, you are able to receive all of the information and resources you need to file your claim correctly.

Hire a Hail Damage Roofing Contractor

If you already have a professional roofer that handles your regular inspections, now is the perfect time to utilize their skills! Otherwise, do your research to find a reputable hail damage roofing contractor in your area. Look for references and check out portfolios to find someone who has experience doing what you need them to do.

How Soon Do You Need to File a Claim?

It is recommended to file a claim as soon as possible after the damage to your roof occurs. By reporting the damage promptly, you are able to initiate the assessment and, ultimately, the repair process faster. That said, the time frame that you have is dependent on your insurance policy. To determine the exact timeline that you are expected to follow, as previously mentioned, review your policy documents. Otherwise, you can contact your insurance provider directly.

Will Your Insurance Company Fully Pay for Your Claim?

When you apply for insurance following a hailstorm, your insurance company will have someone from their team inspect your roof. How much they charge you is dependent on what they see. But if you have replacement cost coverage, they will pay with a partial payment in the first check. Then, once repairs are underway with a hail damage roofing contractor, they will provide the rest of your claim. If it happens that you only have cosmetic roof damage, it may not be covered. Once again, just be sure to check with your insurer.

What Do I Need to Repair My Roof? 

Can You Get Discounted Insurance for Your Roof?

According to the Texas Department of Insurance (TWIA), you may qualify for a discount on your insurance if you have certain roofing materials. These materials must be tested in a lab for impact resistance. If your material is a Class 4, it receives the highest premium credit. That said, for a roofing material to be eligible for a TWIA credit, the manufacturer must include certain information on its product labels. Even if the roofing material meets the impact resistance standard, it will not be qualified without the required details.

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