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What to Consider Before Investing in Roofing Repair in Austin

Posted on Monday, March 20th, 2023 at 8:00 am    

roof repair and installationCommercial and residential roofs both require occasional maintenance work so that they can last for a long time. While this maintenance depends on the material of your roofing system, it is critical that the system at large is without vulnerabilities. Otherwise, you could be susceptible to greater problems down the line. By receiving regular inspections by roofing professionals in the Austin area, you can get the maintenance-related repairs that you need as soon as you need them.

Unfortunately, though, it is often the case that we overlook the state of our roofs until it is too late. When you forget about maintenance, you can experience premature roof failure. So, take this as a sign that you should be staying more on top of the exterior of your commercial or residential property. Let’s dive into what roofing repair in Austin entails.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

The biggest reason why you would replace rather than repair your roof is its age. While the average roof lasts up to three decades, it does continue to weaken over time. There are various factors that impact its longevity. A hail storm, for instance, could reduce your roof’s lifespan. You might be surprised that Texas actually led the United States with 458 hail events in 2022. So, if it is clear that your roof has been underperforming after passing the twenty-year or so threshold, ask a roofing repair expert in Austin whether a full replacement is necessary.

Signs That Your Roof Needs Updating

If problems with your roof go unchecked for too long, they can be even more expensive to handle down the road. That means you should be keeping an eye on your roof, just like you would for rooms inside your property. You need to consider repairing or replacing your roof if:

Your Roof is Experiencing Leaks

Once your roof starts leaking, you know that there is an issue. An obvious reason behind leaks is holes. Other common reasons include constant exposure to the elements, weakness at the seams, human error or carelessness, and attic condensation due to poor ventilation. When you have a leak, it could result in mold and mildew growing on your property. Before you endure excessive water damage, contact a roofing repair company in Austin.

Note that it might be the case that your roof is sagging without any water breaking through. In this case, you may end up needing to replace it with a local contractor.

Your Shingles are Curled or Missing

It is typically very easy for a skilled roofing contractor to replace shingles. Of course, it is first necessary for them to look at the condition of your shingles. When they are curling, shingles are likely experiencing weathering issues. The curling can happen in the middle or on the edges, and water will be able to run underneath it. Otherwise, perhaps your roof is missing entire shingles. A roofing repair company in Austin will likely recommend installing additional layers over existing shingles to keep them protected and blending seamlessly with the new additions.

If it happens that you have cracked shingles, know that they are coming to the end of their life. Your repair company will figure out whether there is a bigger underlying problem causing the cracking.

Your Roof Has Algae and Moss

As older roofs collect debris and moisture, they inevitably provide a home for algae and moss—neither of which you want, even if it is a natural occurrence. When you contact a roofing repair company in Austin, let them know about the presence of lichen on your roof and have them determine whether it can be safely cleaned. Some roofs will experience discoloration or damage with the removal of the lichen. Tile roofing, in particular, is typically safe to power wash.

Some roof shingles today are algae-resistant, meaning they are designed to discourage the growth of algae. If you decide to replace your roof, consider asking about this option.

What Happens if Your Roof Was Damaged?Round Rock Roof Installation & Repair Specialists

Living in Austin, you are likely familiar with the destruction that has been brought about by recent winter storms. We saw many trees across the Greater Austin area failing to stand up to the weight of the ice. For some, this meant the unfortunate scene of trees crashing through their roofs. Should you end up in a similar situation in the future, make sure to call your insurance company. Then, talk to an expert in roofing repair in Austin about whether it is in your best interest to repair or replace your roof, based on their assessment of the damage.

Why Hire a Roofing Repair Company in Austin

Attempting to DIY your roof repair could cause more problems than not, if you are inexperienced. Austin roofers are able to take the project off your hands and deliver a durable, long-lasting roof. Here are three reasons why a roofing repair company in Austin will provide you with the greatest possible experience.

Roofing Professionals Know Safety Protocols

When doing home improvement work yourself, you could put yourself at risk of injury. With regard to roofing, specifically, there is the potential for slipping and falling, if you don’t have the proper equipment. Luckily, roofing repair companies in Austin do have—and are trained to handle—proper equipment. Should anything not go exactly according to plan, they also should have insurance to cover any further repairs.

Roofing Professionals Have High-Quality Materials

Because roofing contractors have relationships with top suppliers, they are able to provide you with the best materials. These materials will be ones that the contractor already trusts and recommends, so you do not have to worry about making the wrong decision. A roofing repair expert in Austin also should offer you warranties on roofing materials, as well as support services later on. From planning to execution to beyond, you have the promise of a lifetime of high-quality roofing.

Roofing Professionals are Experienced

It is necessary that you team up with a roofing repair company in Austin that has the knowledge to fix your specific commercial or residential roof. You may be able to determine this by looking at a contractor’s portfolio. See what kind of work they have done in the past, and come up with questions to ask them about those projects. You can even ask about the technologies and tools that they use. Developing a strong line of communication from the beginning of your relationship is key.

Get in Touch with Kidd Roofing for Roofing Repair in Austin

Before the state of your roof worsens, have a conversation with a highly-rated roofing contractor to determine your needs. Here at Kidd Roofing, we aren’t just roofing repair specialists in Austin. We also service the San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Denver areas. Since 1982, we have made it our mission to help contractors, home builders, homeowners, and property managers alike achieve quality roofing. Contact our team today to get your roof back in shape for years to come.