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A Quick Guide to Austin Clay Roof Installation Services

Posted on Tuesday, January 30th, 2024 at 4:41 pm    

Clay roofing systems are now becoming a popular material choice for Austin homeowners and commercial properties. They’re long-lasting, have customizable designs, and are energy-efficient, which is crucial in Austin, where the heat can be extreme. 

However, roof installations are a significant investment and not a minor repair. Clay roof tiles also have a unique installation process that is different from other go-to roofing materials. That’s why you must understand how the installation process works to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment and the utmost protection for your safety. 

Whether you’re building a new property or replacing an existing clay roof, here’s what you know about Austin clay roof installation services

The Appeal of Clay Roofs in Austin

Did you know that clay roof tiles can last between 50 to 100 years with routine maintenance? Clay roofing systems have been used throughout history due to their durability and longevity. They’re fire-resistant, don’t rot in wet climates, and are pest-resistant. Not to mention, they come in stunning designs, sizes, and colors for visual aesthetics that add property value. 

These physical properties make clay tile roofs appealing for Austin properties because of the strong climate conditions the city experiences. From heavy rainstorms and strong winds, clay roof tiles have historically been a go-to material option for a reason.

How to Find the Best Austin Clay Roof Installation Services

Finding reputable Austin clay roof installation services can be challenging in a big city. There are various companies and independent contractors to choose from that may not always be the best option. 

A quality Austin roofing company should have the following traits:

  • All contractors and subcontractors are licensed, insured, and certified
  • Positive customer reviews or case studies on clay tile installation services
  • Clay roofing material expertise for residential or commercial properties that you require
  • Direct experience with clay roof installations, not only repairs

Don’t only reach out to one Austin roofing company, either. Get multiple quotes for clay roof installation services and compare their pricing to ensure you’re getting a fair rate. 

Clay Roof Installation Process Explained

Now that you understand the benefits of clay roofing systems in Austin, you should also know how installation works to ensure you receive quality service from your contractors. 

The clay roof installation process typically involves:

  • Initial property inspection with a pricing quote 
  • Clay tile design and material selection 
  • Existing roofing material removal if it’s a roof replacement, membrane underlay placement, then clay roof installation
  • Roofing contractors work with builders to lay the membrane underlay and install the clay roof on top with local building codes if it’s a new roof construction
  • During installation, clay tiles are drilled individually, then sealed or caulked
  • Final roof inspection

Depending on whether your clay roof installation is for a new or existing property, the process and timelines will vary. Always ask your Austin roof providers about their installation services and an estimated time it will take to complete your home or property’s roof.

Maintaining Clay Roofs for Longevity

Although clay roofs are long-lasting, they still require some maintenance to ensure their longevity—especially in Austin, to withstand its unique weather conditions. 

While upkeep is minimal, you must maintain your clay roofs by:

  • Professional cleaning every three to five years to prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Replacing cracked or missing clay tiles timely
  • Inspecting your roof before and after a storm (from a safe place or hire roofers to inspect for you) 
  • Always hiring professionals over DIY roof repairs or risk creating more damages or related injuries

With proper care and a quality Austin clay roof installation service, you can preserve your roof’s lifespan and performance. 

Case Studies of Successful Clay Roof Installations in Austin

Austin is known for its hot climates, and clay roofs are helping keep local urban communities cooler and energy costs lower. Since clay roof tiles are considered cool roofs, Austin neighborhoods are benefitting from this material. 

The City of Austin is currently conducting a study to determine which areas will benefit most from cool roofs due to their heat mitigation to reduce urban heat in the city and shape future climate policies. They referenced the Department of Energy’s list of cool roofing materials and recommended clay tiles due to their high reflective properties.

Local Austin governments are also aiming to reduce the annual air conditioning use and energy consumption with cool roof installations throughout the city. Their mission is to improve the quality of life in Austin districts with cool roofs that can adapt to the changing environment. 

Although clay roofing materials can be more expensive than other options, it’s worth the investment due to the long-term benefits they provide home and property owners in Austin.