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Traits to Look for in an Austin Roofing Company

Posted on Monday, July 3rd, 2023 at 3:49 pm    

Are you looking for an Austin roofing company and are unsure where to begin? Hiring roofing contractors should be more than calling the highest-rated roofer in Austin. From licensure to roofing material warranties, here are five factors to consider before hiring roofing contractors in Austin.

5 Traits of a High-Quality Austin Roofing Company

With many roofing companies available, deciding which contractor is best for your needs can be challenging. Whether it’s a minor repair or replacement, roofs are an investment, so quality roofers should service them.

Below we’ll break down five key traits to look for in a high-quality Austin roofing company to help protect your most valuable assets.

1. Credible Reviews and Personable Negative Review Responses

It may seem obvious that looking for highly reviewed and rated roofing contractors should be one of the first steps before hiring. When choosing a roofing contractor, thoroughly browse their reviews to ensure they’re credible from former customers.

It’s not uncommon for companies to create, buy, or ask family members to write positive reviews posing as a customer to boost their ratings. In contrast, competitors and former employees who were fired or laid off could leave negative ones as retaliation.

Here’s how to spot fake reviews when reviewing roofing company options:

  • Bulk positive reviews that are similar and posted within close timeframes
  • Little to no details about the roofing project or services
  • Reviewer profiles with consistent one or five-star reviewing history in many cities
  • Website images used instead of personal ones from their roofing project
  • Competitor names frequently mentioned

Businesses nowadays will inevitably face negative reviews. The key traits to look for are if they’re from real customers and how the roofing company responded. If a credible roofing company acknowledges a negative review and offers specific solutions instead of an automated response, that’s one of the signs you hired the right roofer.

2. Insured, Licensed, and Registered Roofing Contractors

Did you know that the state of Texas doesn’t require new general contractor registration? Although not mandatory, hiring an insured, licensed, and registered Austin roofing company is critical to preventing legal and insurance issues.

Hiring unlicensed roofing contractors poses the following risks:

  • Low-quality roofing installation or repairs
  • Liability insurance risks of on-site contractor accidents
  • Additional costs to repair damage caused by roofers
  • Home insurance providers may not cover unlicensed contractors
  • Non-compliant codes, permits, and inspections
  • Unsafe living and working environments

Roofing contractors with workers’ compensation and liability insurance are top signs you hired the right roofer because it protects you and your property from these risks.

At Kidd Roofing, we’re proud to be insured and certified to deliver the highest-quality roofing repairs and installations in Austin. Our focus on safety gives commercial property owners and homeowners peace of mind knowing they’re protected and working with experienced roofing contractors.

3. Relevant Experience in the Roofing Service You Require

Next on our list of traits to look for in an Austin roofing company is relevant experience. Do you need residential roofing, commercial roofing, or multi-family roofing? Some roofing contractors may have commercial niches or only offer installation, so it’s critical to pick a company specializing in the roofing service you require.

Roofing contractors should also have prior experience installing or repairing your roofing materials. Whether it’s concrete or tile, look through their online portfolios if available or ask about previous projects with your specific roofing materials.

4. Clear Milestones and Timelines for Your Roofing Project

When it comes to roofing construction, it can be complex to set exact deadlines for when the job will be done. There may be unforeseen delays, such as severe weather conditions and roofing material backorders. Aim to schedule your roofing contractors for months with fewer sudden weather changes. Due to safety issues, rainstorms, snow, and strong winds can prolong a roofing project.

In addition to asking for an estimated completion timeline, ask your Austin roofing company about milestones to track your roofing project’s progress even further.

Roofing repair and installation project timeline milestones may include the following:

  • Date of old roof material pickup — when the dumpster will arrive to recycle old roof materials (if your contractor offers this)
  • Materials/parts order date and delivery ETA – when new roofing materials are ordered, shipped, and estimated delivery
  • First installation/repair date — when the roof contractors will first arrive at your home or property
  • Home/building inspection date — for new roof construction to ensure compliance

By gaining step-by-step insight into your roofing project’s process, you’ll understand the most complex parts that may take more time and resources to complete. This way, if there are any unexpected delays, you’ll be more prepared and can plan around it.


5. Roof Maintenance Services and Material Warranties

Last on our list of high-quality traits of a credible roofing contractor is their post-service offerings. When picking a reliable roofer, they should offer ongoing support services like emergency repairs and roofing material warranties.

Whether you need roofing maintenance or unexpected repairs, having the contractors who originally serviced your roof available will already be familiar with your home or property. Ongoing roofing support provides consistent work quality and easier roof management when you use the same company.

Some roofing companies also offer extended warranties from the original manufacturer’s date through supplier partnerships. If there’s an issue with your roofing materials after its service, such as broken tiles, you’re protected from paying additional part replacement costs. Always review roof material warranty plans with coverage timelines to ensure you have no gaps in coverage.


Hire Kidd Roofing as Your Go-To Austin Roofing Company

Now that you know the traits to look for in an Austin roofing company, you can choose the best contractor available. Whether you’re searching for roofing repairs or installation, Kidd Roofing has you covered for all Austin roofing services. With over 35 years of experience in roofing, gutters, and wall cladding, we’re proud to offer quality residential and commercial workmanship.


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