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6 Common Roof Problems and How Residential Roofing Companies Solve Them

Posted on Monday, August 14th, 2023 at 3:11 pm    

Many types of roof damage exist and residential roofing companies have various ways of solving these issues. Depending on the damage severity, roofing contractors will have multiple methods to repair or replace these problems.

From pooling water to missing shingles, here are six types of common roof damages and how roofing companies fix them.

6 Common Types of Roof Damage, Causes, and How Residential Roofing Companies Repair Them

Roof damages are on a wide spectrum. It can range from minor patches to complete roof replacement. Here are the six most common types of roof problems, their causes, and how residential roofing companies address them. 

1. Attic, Ceiling, or Structural Water Leak Damage 

One of the most common types of roof issues is water leak damage. They’re commonly caused by severe rain or ice water conditions after melting.

Water leak damage can impact the following roof areas:

  • Attics
  • Ceilings
  • Roof perimeters
  • Home or building structures
  • Skylight and chimney areas 
  • Roofline channels with merges
  • Spaces near eaves

A way that residential roofing companies solve water leak damage is through ice or water barriers. They’re self-adhering waterproof membranes, typically made of polymer-modified bitumen. Ice or water barriers are designed to protect vulnerable roof areas from severe weather.

Roofing contractors typically don’t need to cover the entire roof with ice or water barriers. They’ll locate areas most vulnerable to leaks and cover them with these materials. Water leak damage can be severe. By installing these barriers, you can help protect your roof against ice, heavy rain, and windstorms. 

2. Sagging Spots or Water Pooling

Roof water leak damage can also be caused by sagging water spots or pooling. Often caused by flat roofs, aged roofing, or poor design, pooling is when water stops draining your roof after it stops raining or melting from snow and ice. It causes the roof membrane to be pushed in or crushed by the water weight.

Additionally, if water pooling or sagging spots aren’t addressed immediately, you risk vegetation growth, such as algae and moss which can cause even further roof damage.

Steps that residential roofing companies take to repair roof pooling may include:

  • Drain flushing 
  • Leveling sunken spots 
  • Membrane and/or shingle replacement, depending on the damage severity 
  • Drain line additions
  • Roof cricket installation – sloped, triangle structure that rests against the roof obstruction and diverts water away
  • Insulation compression 


The roof membrane is a protective layer designed to lock out moisture from pooling water. It’s imperative to get your roof membrane assessed and replaced if you suspect damage. Sagging water can cause membrane deterioration, such as thin spots or holes in your roof. 

3. Attic Insulation, Shingle, and Sheetrock Mold 

Another major impact of water leak damage on roofs is mold on attic insulations, shingles, and sheetrock. As water accumulates, it increases the chance of rotting roof materials, mold growth, and cave-ins.

Here’s how residential roofing contractors address mold: 

  • Gutters and shingles high-pressure washing and cleaning
  • Mold, mildew, and algae removal/remediation 
  • Fungicide applications 
  • Isolation for ventilation and drying 
  • Replacement depending on mold spread and severity

Roof mold poses serious health safety risks if left unresolved. According to the CDC, long-term mold exposure can lead to allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and shortness of breath. For these reasons, it’s crucial to respond timely to roof mold with professional contractors who utilize industry-strength tools to solve these safety issues. 

4. Gutter Damage

Many factors cause gutter damage, like weather, clogging, rodents, and lack of maintenance. Common types of gutter issues include non-drainage, clogs, and physical damage. Residential roofing companies will either recommend minor repairs, such as cement sealing, or replacement for significant structure issues. 

5. Bent or Missing Roof Flashing 

All roofs require flashing, and it’s not uncommon for them to become bent or missing. Common causes of damaged or lost flashing are seasonal temperature changes, over 20 years of age, and extreme weather.

Roof flashing is a material applied by residential roofing companies to areas where leaks are likely to occur. These vulnerable areas are typically where the roof connects to chimneys, skylights, and vents.

Depending on the corrosion severity, roofing contractors will repair the bent flashing or replace missing ones. For minor warping, roofers may simply remove the old caulk, reapply the caulk, and patch new flashing overexposed areas or small holes. For severe corrosion, a complete replacement may be warranted. 

6. Curled or Missing Shingles 

Last on our list of common roof damage is curled or missing shingles. It’s often caused by a variety of reasons, such as hail damage, storms, or aged roof materials. Residential roofing companies address shingle issues with material repairs or replacements based on damage.

For example, if you have a few curled or missing shingles, a simple repair may be suitable. In contrast, if you have over 20 damaged or lost shingles, it may be more cost-effective to invest in roof replacement, depending on your insurance provider.

If you have missing shingles, this is one of the signs you need to replace your roof. It’s a type of exterior roof damage that requires immediate replacement due to storms, long-term exposure, and aging materials. If you’re able to see curled or missing shingles from the ground, chances are there are damages in other areas you can’t see and should get it inspected. 

Get Your Residential or Commercial Roof Damage Assessed and Repaired

Roofing damage can range from minor shingle repairs to collapsed roofs. For these reasons, it’s crucial to get your roof assessed immediately for safety if you notice any signs of damage we mentioned above.

Get peace of mind knowing that your residential roof or commercial roof is properly repaired by professionals before the damage grows further.

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