Roof Maintenance for Damage Caused by Exposure

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Roof Maintenance for Damage Caused by Exposure

Roof Maintenance for Damage Caused by ExposureRoofs are important to the sustainability of a building. They’re protective, preventing rain, wind, snow, ice, and other outside elements from damaging the people and property inside. It’s important that your roof is properly installed and maintained to ensure that it remains durable and can continue to fulfill its protective function. If your roof is not properly maintained, it could be damaged from exposure to environmental elements, sun, and pests.

The roofing maintenance experts at Kidd Roofing are skilled in inspecting roofs to make sure that they’re in good condition. If they’re not and are in need of repair, we have the experience to fix your roofing system. Contact us today at (866) 671-7791 to speak with one of our roofing professionals or submit a service request online for your roof maintenance.

What Is Exposure and How Does it Impact Your Roof?

No matter what type of roof you have, it requires proper maintenance in order to get the most life out of your roof. Some roofs are better at combating weather and climate changes than others. For example, tile roofs are fire-resistant, and metal roofs are non-absorptive, so you typically don’t have to worry about water intrusions with those roofs.

Exposure to severe weather conditions, like rain, snow, wind, or hail, can damage almost any type of roofing system. Although it’s often overlooked, even exposure to the sun can have negative effects on a roof. Similarly, damaging air pollutants and chemicals can contribute to the degradation of a roof.

High temperatures and sun exposure can cause your roof to deteriorate. Direct heat from the sun’s UV rays can damage roofing materials, causing them to thin or crack. This is a particular issue with metal roofs. Some people choose metal roofs because they can save money on cooling their commercial property when the metal is treated to reflect solar energy rather than absorbing it. Heat absorption can potentially cause a metal roof to deteriorate, so if your metal roof wasn’t given a reflective coating, your roof may need attention. Deteriorated roofing can be more susceptible to water intrusion or damage from weather and debris.

Sun exposure can also cause bleaching of the roof, which doesn’t necessarily affect the performance of the roof, but it can cause an eyesore. This is particularly common with certain roofing systems, like those made with asphalt.

Water exposure can not only damage the inside of your building if there’s a leak, but well before the water enters the structure, it damages the roof. Many roofing systems, like asphalt shingles, are not made to absorb water. For instance, when an asphalt shingle roof sustains moisture, mold can grow. Untreated mold will make the roofing materials deteriorate. This leads to cracks, which can lead to leaks that allow water to intrude into the building.

Proper Maintenance

Roof Maintenance for Damage Caused by ExposureAt Kidd Roofing, we’re experienced in conducting routine, hassle-free maintenance on our client’s residential and commercial roofs. We’re roofing maintenance professionals certified by GAF, a leading shingles manufacturer. When you call us to perform your routine maintenance, you can breathe easy knowing that we are doing a thorough, detailed inspection of every part of your roof. These roof inspections should be done every year. We’ll let you know about whatever we find during these inspections and inform you of any repairs you need to tend to right away.

We’ll also tell you what you should be on the lookout for. If you would like these repairs done, our experienced roofing crews will take care of them. We’ll always provide you with details as to the repairs your roof may need, so you can keep track of all the maintenance that’s been done on your roof.

What We Do

The roofing specialists at Kidd Roofing have decades of experience installing various roofing systems and repairing all types of roofs. There are many materials on the market to construct durable, long-lasting roofs, and we are specialists in most of them. The types of roofing systems we’ve installed and repaired are:

  • Shingles
  • Tile
  • Metal
  • Modified bitumen
  • Green
  • Built-up

We have our own in-house sheet metal warehouse, where we fabricate wall cladding and custom metal wall panels and shingles constructed to measure. We also fabricate vents and chimney caps.

Why We’re the Best at What We Do

We’ve been named one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies year after year. We’ve won the GAF President’s Club award in several consecutive years. There’s a reason we’ve been recognized and awarded by these and several other organizations: we have a reputation for producing high-quality roofing work. You can see the variety and quality of our residential work here and our commercial work here.

Kidd Roofing was founded almost 40 years ago to serve the roofing needs of the people of San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Houston (and later, Denver, CO). We’ve worked hard for decades to do just that. Our commitment to our workmanship and to the people who entrust us with their roofing projects has earned us an A+ rating with Better Business Bureaus of all four of the major cities in Texas we serve.

Our roofing experts are certified and continue yearly education to stay up to date on the best roofing practices. Our company is fully insured. We prioritize our employees’ safety and your safety on every project we take on.

We also believe in giving back to our communities throughout Texas. Through Kidd Cares, we’ve supported the initiative to provide homes to the homeless and promote affordable housing to those at-risk of homelessness through organizations like Tiny Victories and HomeAid.

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To get the most life and best performance out of your roof, you have to properly maintain it. Doing so can keep you from subjecting your roof to serious damage and save you thousands of dollars down the line. For thorough inspections, routine maintenance, and repairs to your roof, contact the roofing professionals at Kidd Roofing at (866) 671-7791 or submit a request for maintenance online.