Roofers in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, TX

Maintenance Checklist


Evaluate exterior of building for obvious evidence of existing or potential leaks.

Exterior Walls

Exterior Walls: Check for leaks, staining, missing mortar

Exterior Issues

Issues: Does roof need cleaning? Are there traffic patterns or are walkway pads needed?

Exterior Metal

Metal: Check attachment; paint any rusted metal; re-caulk as necessary.



Examine interior roof deck, walls, and ceiling for evidence of leaks.

Interior Walls

Interior Walls: Check for signs of leaks.

Interior Roof Deck

Interior Roof Deck: Check for signs of leaks or deterioration.


Ceilings: Check for signs of leaks.


Roof Perimeter

Evaluate base flashing, metal work, caulking, and anything that would affect the watertight integrity of the roof.

Base Flashings

Base Flashings: Check attachment; check counter flashings; inspect for signs of movement.


Fascia/Coping: Check for leaks, staining, missing mortar.

Roof Edges

Roof Edges: Check for deterioration.


Field of Roof

Examine the condition of the roof, look for evidence of leaks, debris, or damage to the membrane. Also check ancillary items, evaluate penetrations for proper detailing and evidence of potential leaks.

Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints: Check for signs of excessive movement, leaks, or deterioration.

Field of Roof

Field of Roof: Redistribute ballast; note any damage or deficiencies; inspect coating.


Penetrations: Fill all of the pitch pans and inspect pipe boots.


Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems: Clear all gutters, down spouts, scuppers; clean out drains; check stainers and clamping rings.

HVAC Units

HVAC Units: Check ductwork, housings, lines, pipes, sheet metal cabinets, gaskets, and equipment base/tie-in.


Other: Check for oil deposits, surface contamination, soft areas, vandalism, ponding water.