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Liberty Hill RooferYour roof. It protects you every day, come rain or shine. Unfortunately, not much attention is paid to the roof until there is a major problem. Your roof deserves better.

Keeping you and your family safe is a big job. Over time, exposure to the elements like rain, wind, and hail can damage your roof and compromise its ability to keep your building and its contents safe. When that happens, you need someone you can trust to repair or replace it quickly and efficiently. At Kidd Roofing, that has always been our mission. We focus on the honest and timely repair of all types of roofs, from residential to commercial properties.

From roof repair to roof installation, the highly trained professionals of Kidd Roofing take our jobs seriously. We provide the people and businesses of Liberty Hill with high-quality work that is done right the first time. When you turn to the experts at Kidd Roofing, you can be sure that your roof will be ready to stand the test of time.

If a storm has caused damage to your roof, you have leaks, or it’s just time to have some work done, contact the professionals at Kidd Roofing. To talk with a roofing professional about your project, call our Liberty Hill office today at (866) 671-7791.

Types of Work We Do

Liberty Hill RooferAt Kidd Roofing, we want you to know that we’ve been around the block a time or two. Our skills are highly sought after, and that means we have a wide range of experience handling everything from residential projects for single-family homes to large-scale projects for new construction for commercial builders.

Since we have such a wide range of clientele, we have become well-versed in all the latest roofing techniques and materials. From single-ply to traditional shingles and tile roofs to metal roofs, we will work with you to design a roof that fits your functional and aesthetic needs.

Our team also specializes in repairing existing roofs, making them stable for years to come. Hail damage and worn-out shingles can compromise the structural integrity of a roof. Taking the time to repair these defects now could save you thousands of dollars down the road.

Large or small, there is no project that our team will shy away from completing. We work on everything from routine repairs to major roofing disasters. Take a look at the types of work that we do:

If it has a roof, we have you covered. We will even work with your insurance company to get the job done. For an expert roof inspection, call us today at (866) 671-7791.

About Our Company

Kidd Roofing was founded in 1982. Since then, we have grown into one of America’s top 100 roofing contractors. It is a title that you don’t earn without work and dedication to your industry. At Kidd Roofing, we are passionate about providing clients with a roof that will keep them safe and protected. We value our highly trained employees and know they can deliver quality craftsmanship with a professional attitude. Our Liberty Hill team has years of hands-on work experience. That experience translates into high-quality results for our many clients.

Even though we’ve been recognized as one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies and have been awarded the GAF President’s Club Award, we’re not about to rest on our laurels. Being recognized by industry leaders isn’t nearly as important as giving back to our local communities. We continuously work with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the Boys and Girls Club to better our local community.

We have a reputation for service and success. It’s a reputation we have worked hard to claim. We will continue to foster ongoing relationships with our business partners, homeowners, and community members through our hard work and dedication to the roofing industry.

Types of Roofs We Work On

When you look at a roof, you see a shelter. When we look at a roof, we see possibilities. At Kidd Roofing, we are experts at repairing and installing a wide variety of roof types. We can do it all, from repairing damaged shingles to crafting gorgeous and functional green roof installations. Although you may not think about a roof as anything but functional, it has the potential to be a stylish addition to any residential or commercial structure.

These are just a few of the roof types that we work on:

For more information on the types of roofs that we can install and repair, contact our Liberty Hill office at (866) 671-7791.

Why Choose Kidd Roofing?

We know that there are a lot of roofers out there vying for your business. So why should you trust your project to the professionals at Kidd Roofing? The answer is easy: our commitment to excellence. For over 38 years, we have dedicated ourselves to learning the ins and outs of the roofing industry. Our experts keep up on the latest trends and technology while applying tried and true techniques and a good, old-fashioned work ethic.

We understand that repairing or replacing a roof is a big job. It is also a big investment. Our certified experts know your time and money are valuable. That is why we pride ourselves on being dependable and on time. We also provide honest estimates about the cost of your job. We have been around for years and are not a fly-by-night roofing operating looking for a quick buck. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we work hard to gain your trust and your business. We never forget that we work for you.

Let’s Get Started On Your Next Project

Are you ready to start your next roofing project? Now is the time, and the professionals at Kidd Roofing can make the process smooth and easy. We will even work with your insurance company or help you find financing options that work with your budget.

Don’t wait. Talk to a roofing professional at Kidd Roofing today. Call our Liberty Hill office at (866) 671-7791 and protect your investment.