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Install a Rooftop Garden with a Denver Roofing Company

Posted on Monday, April 24th, 2023 at 8:00 am    

Located east of the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado has earned the nickname of the Mile High City because its elevation is 5,280 feet above sea level. It is also known for its nearly year-round sunny days and one of the largest city park systems in the United States. Essentially, Denver is the type of place where you will want to fully embrace the outdoor lifestyle. That may include getting a rooftop garden for your home or business.

Rooftop gardens have become an increasingly popular addition to properties in urban areas. And despite Colorado’s unique climate and altitude, with the right Denver roofing company, you can overcome any challenges that may arise. Keep reading to determine whether a rooftop garden is the right choice for your property.

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Best Plants for Rooftop Gardens

At the end of the day, the best plants for you are what are best for the climate you live in. They should be able to withstand the unique conditions of your rooftop environment. Factor in sun exposure, wind, and water availability when making your selections. Some suggestions by Denver roofing companies of plants that may thrive in your rooftop garden include:

  • Sun-loving plant: If you have enough space, consider the full-sun tomato plant! This is a great way to get fresh, homegrown produce.
  • Shade-tolerant plant: Do you have any trees that shade your roof for much of the day? Consider the popular partial-sun plant of hostas.
  • Wind-tolerant plant: Ornamental grasses don’t just add visual interest to your rooftop garden—they can also withstand windy conditions. There are a wide variety of colors, textures, and sizes.
  • Drought-tolerant plant: Desert succulents are able to tolerate dry conditions by storing water. They are low-maintenance, making them easy to manage.

Benefits of Having a Rooftop Garden

Rooftop gardens can substantially increase your property value because of their all-around positive impact. Here are three big advantages of hiring a Denver roofing company to build your rooftop garden:

You Fill Up Your Empty Space with Beauty

Aesthetic appeal is a big part of what makes rooftop gardens special. You are able to make an otherwise utilitarian space become visually interesting with a combination of plant types. Now that you have this lovely area on your roof, you also have a place to bring friends, family, and colleagues to socialize, rather than just inside your home or backyard. It is a stunning area to entertain at that is sure to get all of your guests talking.

You Have a Private Area to Enjoy the Outdoors

Perhaps you aren’t someone who wants to partake in entertaining, but rather have a quiet space to yourself. With the help of a Denver roofing company, you get the many health benefits that come from having rooftop gardens, which all stem from being more exposed to nature. You might even decide to take up healthy food production, growing those aforementioned tomato plants. However you decide to use your rooftop garden, know that the plants absorb sound and reduce noise pollution so that you can simply relax.

You Can Have an Environmentally-Friendly Roof

By having plants on your roof, you achieve improved air quality because they naturally absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. You are mitigating the effects of air pollution. A Denver roofing company can provide you with increased green space, which is especially needed in urban areas. Rooftop gardens offer a habitat for wildlife, improve the quality of life of residents, and reduce energy consumption.

Did you know that, compared to conventional roofs, green roofs can reduce building energy use by 0.7%?

Make a Rooftop Garden with a Denver Roofing Company

On top of having a good plant selection for your rooftop garden, you must have patience and be ready to put in the hard work alongside your Denver roofing company. Three things that you must be considerate of with a rooftop garden include:

Local Building Codes

Much like with any roofing project, your Denver roofing company should be mindful of codes. If your property is commercial, they should check with a building manager. A roofer’s goal should be to ensure not only that there are no regulations that prohibit having a rooftop garden, but also that a building is structurally sound. This means being mindful of the weight that the garden would add, along with having the right drainage system and proper protection against elemental exposure.

The Design of Your Space

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Following the structural assessment, designing your rooftop garden is similar to designing a regular garden. You are figuring out how to make the most out of the space that you have available while providing easy access to your plants. On top of that, you are picking out said plants, soil, fertilizer, and an effective irrigation system. A waterproof membrane is going to be essential, to make sure that your Denver roofing company knows how to install one.

Getting Containers and Wind Blocks

Your new space is completely customizable, so you have all the choices in the world to DIY or buy beds for your plants. That said, you do have to be considerate of your roof’s weight limits. Some containers are going to be heavier than others, such as if you opt for concrete or stone. You also have to take some time to set up windbreaks around your plants. This prevents them from blowing away, in the event of windy or stormy weather.

Maintenance is Key with Rooftop Gardens

In order to keep your rooftop garden looking its best and being its most functional, you need to take care of your plants in the long term. Regular watering allows your plants to have enough moisture to thrive. Similarly, regular fertilizing provides essential nutrients to your plants that they need in order to grow. Other tasks include weeding, pruning, and pest control. To put it simply, monitor and treat your rooftop garden like any other garden so that it stays healthy.

You will need to think about structural maintenance, too. Because rooftop gardens are adding additional weight to your building, regular inspections by a Denver roofing company can be helpful. They will do a thorough assessment to determine whether any damage is being caused.

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