Roof Repair Experts: Hail Damage in Texas and Colorado

We've Done Roofing Installation & Repair for Decades

Roof Repair Experts: Hail Damage in Texas and Colorado

Hail We have been in the roofing business since 1982. We are a GAF certified Master Elite contractor. (This elite status is held by less than 2% of all roofing contractors.) Over the last couple of years we have consistently been ranked as one of the Top 100 Contractors in the country by Roofing Contractor Magazine. We are fully insured. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau for all of our offices.

We can fix all types of roofs including shingles, tile, metal, single ply, modified and many more. We have experienced crews that have been with us for many years. They have seen every type of roof damage and can repair it. We will not be hiring temporary labor and giving them on-the-job training on your roof. Kidd Roofing also has experience working with insurance companies on storm claims. (In fact, some of our employees used to work as insurance adjusters!) We will work to make sure that you get the best roof repair possible! To get started, fill out our roof repair service form and one of our storm damage experts will contact you shortly.


Tips For The Hail Damage Repair Process

1. Don’t get in a hurry and make a hasty decision

Too many people get in too big a hurry and fall prey to hustlers or people that are more interested in making a fast buck than taking care of you, the customer. If your home roof is leaking, call us and we can perform an emergency roof repair to keep you dry until permanent repairs can be completed. Most insurance companies will allow you a year and a half to replace your roof.

2. Contact your insurance company and turn in a claim immediately

Waiting too long can sometimes result in the roof deteriorating which can cover up any signs of roof hail damage. This could cause your roof repair claim to be turned down by your insurance company. When there is a large sized hail storm, your insurance company will probably be receiving a lot of calls, so be patient. It sometimes could take an adjuster several weeks to inspect your roof.

3. How the claim is handled

Once the adjuster inspects your roof and determines there is a valid claim, the adjuster will figure a settlement based on the company’s preset rate per square (10’ X 10’ area) of the roof. You will receive a written adjuster’s report and first insurance check. This check is for the actual cash value of the roof (total replacement less depreciation less deductible.) The roof is then installed and then an invoice is submitted to the insurance company. Sometimes, we are able to supplement the insurance company for any additional items or amounts that were left off the original adjuster’s report. You then will receive a second check for the recoverable depreciation plus any supplements. (The 1st and 2nd check will equal the invoice less the deductible.)