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The Importance of Roof Maintenance in Forth Worth

A roof is one of the most important structural features of the structure it covers. Like a building’s foundation, the roof helps ensure structural integrity. It’s essential that the roof does its job of keeping water and moisture from getting inside any commercial or residential building in Fort Worth. A well-maintained roof is also more energy efficient and looks good as well. Regular maintenance and repairs when needed can help extend the life of a roof for years.

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Like everything else, a roof begins to show signs of wear as it gets older. Common factors for Fort Worth roofs include wear due to exposure to daily elements, including sun, rain and wind. Regular expansion and contraction of the roof’s components because of temperature changes also eventually compromise a roof. Shingles begin to curl, buckle or disintegrate, or disappear altogether. Flashing around the chimney, skylights and eaves can start to pull away from the roof structure.

Regular roof inspections can identify these problems before they become so large that sections of the roof or the entire roof has to be replaced. Generally done once a year, an inspection identifies problems areas such as loose shingles, missing fasteners, damaged fascia and other important components of a roof that need to be repaired or replaced. Business owners often find that inspections done twice a year can help head off problems that, left alone, could cause serious financial issues later.

Storm Related Roof Repairs

After aging roofs, storm damage is the most frequent reasons a roof needs repair or even replacement. The Fort Worth area is famous for its intense storms that often contain large hail. Hail can be particularly damaging to a roof. Dents and cracks in shingles are usually the least severe types of hail damage. Granules in the asphalt that has been washed away is another sign of hail damage. Missing shingles or asphalt is another serious problem seen after hail storms.

Wind and lightning damage can also severely impact a roof in Fort Worth. It’s a well-known fact that wind lifts off asphalt, shingles and underlying components of the roof. Lightning can also cause serious damage. Even if a bolt doesn’t start a fire in the roof, it can blow off bricks around a chimney or shred shingles. This kind of damage requires immediate repair to keep water and moisture from damaging the roof further and entering the building.

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A roof damaged by fire or storm must be replaced, but what are some other signs a building needs a new roof? The age of the roof is an important clue in determining when it’s time to replace it. Damage may not be evident from ground level, but if light is coming into the attic, that’s a clue that it’s time to replace at least a section of the roof. Water damage or mold in upstairs rooms are also warning signs. A large number of missing or damaged shingles and asphalt are also reasons to consider replacing the roof.

Taking care of a building’s roof will go a long way toward keeping down maintenance costs and lengthening the life of the entire structure. Whether a roof needs be checked or repaired, be sure to call a well-established and reputable roofing contractor in Fort Worth to handle the job.