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Westlake is one of the most beautiful places in Texas because of its many main attractions, including Lake Travis and the beautiful homes that line the hills and cliffs. All the surroundings seem to be in tip top shape, and so should your roof. We understand what it takes to have a sturdy and reliable roof over your home. Texas weather can be confusing and often unexpected, so when trouble strikes, our roofers in Westlake will be ready to head to your home, take a look at the damages, and repair the roof soon.

The ways we offer Westlake roofing guidance is through re-roofing, roof repair, and roofing installations, among other services in metal wall cladding. In roof repairing, Kidd strives to make the process easier for our clients. To alleviate stress, we can help you file insurance claims, while also ensuring the highest level of skill.

In our re-roofing and roof construction projects, we employ a variety of a roof types including metal, single-ply, tile, green roof systems, and more. We keep different types to please your taste, style, and to add essence and protection to your homes.

Our Westlake Roofers: Awards & Recognition

The roofers at Kidd Roofing are well equipped and knowledgeable in roofing products, what roof type may look best on your house, how to ensure the lifespan of your roof, and other top inquiries we commonly receive. As one of America’s Top 100 roofing contractors and receiving the Inc. 5000 Award for The Fastest Growing Private Company in 2013 and 2014, our roofers in the area are one of a kind and have used many years of hands-on experience to exemplify these recognitions.

Westlake Roof Repair: Residential & Commercial Work

The roof repair we offer is top of the line and quick. For many Texas residents, Kidd Roofing has come to the rescue in roof repairs. For example, when the Memorial Day weekend of 2015 brought torrential rain, hail, and flooding, we were quick to initiate service for many residents, especially since more rain was imminent. In these times of unpredictability and in minor re-roofing work, we help our clients file claims and plan out the best material for their home in Westlake. Give us a call or contact us and we’ll help you choose your best option.

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