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Austin Gutters

Many houses and buildings need gutters to direct water away from the structure, to protect against erosion and damage to your foundation. Kidd Roofing in Austin is the best choice for gutter installation and repair in the Central Texas region. We have been in business for over 30 years, and we provide top-quality exterior service and installation to homes and businesses all over the state.

Whether you need a seamless gutter system for your residence, or a hand fabricated specialty gutter system for your commercial building or residence, we have the materials and expertise needed to meet all your gutter needs. Call our reliable, friendly gutter professionals today at (512) 671-7791 to learn about your options. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

Why You Need Gutters on Your Home or Business

Gutters provide a channel that directs water falling onto the roof down the structure and away from the immediate area. If gutters are not present, water can erode the ground around the building and seep into the basement, causing it to flood, or can cause the foundation to settle, causing structural problems and cracking walls and chimneys.

Standing water around your building can allow mosquitoes to breed, and water that enters the foundation or basement can encourage the growth of mold. Some localities require gutters for a home or business to meet building codes.

Gutters and Related Services That We Provide

Kidd Roofing can provide a number of solutions for your gutter and rainwater needs, including:

  • Leaf screens
  • Rain chains
  • Rain barrels and accessories
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Gutter repair

We have the capability to fabricate custom gutter systems in-house for more specialized needs.

Why You Should Hire Us for Your Gutter Work

Cleaning gutters is something that a handy homeowner or business owner could do themselves if the job is relatively simple, but complex jobs are best left to a professional. Gutter installation and repair should always be performed by a qualified and experienced technician. There is a risk of injury when working at the roof level. Besides safety concerns, poorly installed gutters can allow water to collect in your foundation, damaging the structure of the home or building.

Kidd Roofing has been serving homeowners and businesses in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and other cities in Central Texas since 1982. We have a long history of success and quality in roofing and exterior work, and we have extensive experience with gutter fabrication, installation, and repair. We are licensed and insured, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Kidd Roofing is highly sought after for exterior contracting, and we hold certifications as a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor and a GAF Community Contractor. We have an entire division devoted to gutter services, ready to meet your needs. We can provide seamless aluminum, copper, and galvalume gutter systems for residential applications, as well as custom gutter systems for both home and commercial solutions. You can discuss your needs and various options for your building with our gutter experts.

Gutter Terminology

Here are a few gutter-related terms you may run into:

  • Downspout – This is the tube that extends from the gutter down to the ground, away from the foundation.
  • Half-round – These gutters have a semicircular trough. Often seen on older homes, half-round gutters are less likely to corrode and allow water-borne debris to flow smoothly.
  • K-Style – Flat-bottomed k-style gutters are the most commonly seen on homes in the U.S. They usually hold more water than half-round types, and are stronger, though they can be harder to clean.
  • Sectional – Many homes have gutters that fit together as sections, which allows for easier installation and customization. They can develop problems such as leaks or sagging due to poor installation or maintenance, however.
  • Seamless – Much more reliable than sectional gutters, each length of a seamless gutter is made of one solid piece. They are custom-fit to the home or building, and have no room for leaks to develop. They must be professionally installed, but may save money in repair and maintenance costs.

Our gutter specialists can explain anything about our gutter options, as well as our installation or repair process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutters

Here are a few answers to common questions about gutters for home and businesses. Our gutter specialists are an excellent source for any questions you have about your own project.

What can I do to prevent my gutters from becoming clogged?

Clogged gutters are a common problem faced by many homeowners. One way to prevent leaves and branches from becoming trapped in your gutters is to install leaf screens. Mesh or screen guards that sit on top of the gutters keep leaves and other debris out, but allow water to flow freely down the channels. There are other actions you can take – regularly trimming overhanging trees and checking your gutters periodically to ensure they are clear can prevent clogging.

How often do I need to clean my gutters?

If you don’t have some sort of leaf screen or gutter guard installed, it’s recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year and after a storm, more often if there are many trees with overhanging branches. Kidd Roofing provides gutter-cleaning services, and we can install screens for you to cut down on your gutter maintenance.

What is the best gutter material?

Aluminum is one of the most popular choices. Aluminum gutters will last for decades and come in a variety of colors, and they have a relatively low cost. Copper lasts longer, but it is much more expensive. Galvanized steel can hold up to tough weather conditions but requires maintenance and can rust over time. Vinyl is a very inexpensive option.

Speak With an Austin Gutter Specialist Today

If you need new gutters installed on your property, you want to install leaf screens, or your gutters just need repair or cleaning, Kidd Roofing can do the job quickly and at an extremely competitive price. We’ve been around since 1982, and our gutter specialists are highly trained and perform excellent work. We have an entire division of the company devoted solely to gutter installation and repair. Call us at (512) 671-7791 or fill out our service request form today for help with your gutter needs.

Our Services Include

  • Seamless aluminum, galvalume and copper gutter systems for residential applications
  • Hand fabricated, specialty gutter systems for commercial and residential applications

Custom Gutter Installations

Our in-house facility can fabricate custom profiles, in up to 20 foot lengths, to minimize the number of seams needed on custom installations.

  • Gutter repair
  • Leaf screens
  • Rain chains
  • Rain barrels and accessories
  • Gutter cleaning

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