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A chimney cap is a protective covering that sits on top of your chimney, just above the flue opening. Chimney caps serve a few different purposes and are typically made of masonry or metal. The professionals at Kidd Roofing in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio can build a custom chimney cap or install a pre-fabricated one for your residence.

What is the Purpose of a Chimney Cap?

Keeping out rain and snow is one of the main uses for a chimney cap, though rain would be the primary worry for most of Texas. Moisture can rust the metal components inside your chimney, such as the damper and metal liner. Moisture can also deteriorate the masonry mortar joints, especially in older chimneys.

Preventing sparks from hitting the roof is another attribute of a chimney cap. This is especially important if you have a wood shake or wood shingle roof. Chimney caps are often referred to as spark arresters for this reason. Roof fires are not uncommon, but chimney caps can help prevent them.

A chimney cap can also help keep animals and debris from entering your chimney. Squirrels and birds can get trapped inside your chimney or actually get into your home through your chimney if it’s left open. Leaves and other debris can fall into your chimney and build up behind the damper as well. A chimney cap can deter animals and natural debris from clogging up the chimney or entering your residence.

Reducing downdrafts from wind is necessary with wood burning fireplaces. A chimney cap can help to prevent smoke from being blown into your home through the fireplace.

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Kidd Roofing Chimney Cap Materials

The chimney caps from the experts at Kidd Roofing can be pre-made or custom-made for your home. There are several material options available:

  • Stone Caps: These are common on custom masonry chimneys. They are usually placed on 4 raised corners of brick or stone with openings in-between for smoke to escape. This is a very traditional look and is as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful.
  • Copper / Steel Caps: These chimney caps are also common on masonry chimneys. These can be custom or pre-fabricated, depending on the opening shape and dimensions. Copper is often used to compliment the flashing detail at the roof line.
  • Pre-fabricated Steel Caps: These chimney or flue caps are standard with commercially manufactured fireplace units with metal flue liners. These work very well on non-masonry chimney enclosures, such as wood or stucco. They attach directly to the flue liner.


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